The Rainwater Basin Adventure

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Phelps and Kearney Counties are deep inside one of the most unique and fertile bird watching regions of the entire country: the central migratory flyway passing through Nebraska’s Rainwater Basin. Each year, some ten million waterfowl and other birds of all types drop down into this area to feed and restore their depleted reserves in preparation for the next leg of their migration north.

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Sandhill Cranes and So Much More

Click to EnlargeWe need to get something straight right away. You’ve probably heard of this area in terms of the annual sandhill crane migration. It is unquestionably a magnificent site when these beautiful creatures along with millions of ducks and geese pass through the central Platte River Valley and Rainwater Basin in February, March and April. After you have experienced the world’s largest concentration of these ancient birds, we invite you to experience spotting some of the 257 other varieties of birds that visit and live in this part of the world.

The Rainwater Basin refers to a network of wetlands covering some 4,200 square miles of south and central Nebraska. In good years, these shallow basins fill up with rainwater and snowmelt early in the spring and provide a fertile breeding ground for invertebrates. This, combined with seeds and tubers from the wetlands and waste crops from the thousands of acres of surrounding corn, soybean and wheat fields provide an ideal diet for a wide variety of migrating birds.

But depending on what you’re looking for, spring isn’t the only time for good birding in the Rainwater Basin area.

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Approximate GPS Coordinates:
40.431302 N
-99.369793 S
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Lake Seldom

Click to EnlargeDuring early spring, see the migrating waterfowl at Lake Seldom and shore birds picking at snails and other crustaceans in the mudflats.  Lake Seldom is located in Phelps County on the south edge of Holdrege. Late spring and into summer, birdwatchers walk the trails to see a chat, western king birds, marsh wrens, killdeer, a black-crowned night heron, blue-winged teal, rough winged swallows, common terns and pheasants amongst the red winged blackbirds and other wetlands species.

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Approximate GPS Coordinates:
40.411862 N
-99.272847 S
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The Road to Sacramento-Wilcox and Sacramento Wildlife Management Area

Click to EnlargeFrom Holdrege, we head east on U.S. 6 and 34 and a mile or so out of town turn right on Brewster Road, cross the railroad tracks and turn left on Polyline Road, named for a now-defunct railroad company, angling southeast.

At S Road, you pass by what’s left of the tiny settlement of Sacramento.

Approximately 2 miles along, at V Road, we see a sign indicating that the entrance to the Sacramento-Wilcox State Wildlife Management Area is off to our right half a mile.

Sacramento-Wilcox is fairly large as these preserves go, and a great place to get out and walk around. The habitat is varied, with a mixture of forested shelterbelts, short and long-grass meadows, shrubs and wetlands. In non-migratory season, it’s as great a place to look for some of our permanent residents, such as harrier hawks, prairie falcon and northern flicker. This would also be a place for a sharp-eyed birder to spot great horned or eastern screech owls.

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Approximate GPS Coordinates:
40.399444 N
-99.135904 S
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Prairie Dog WPA

Click to EnlargeIn this part of Nebraska, there are basically three types of public lands pertinent to birding: State Wildlife Management Areas (SWMAs), Federal Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs), and State Recreation Areas (SRAs).

To get to the Prairie Dog WPA, we drive through Wilcox (it doesn’t take long) and turn north on State Highway 44. About three miles north of town, turn right on D Road. In another mile, you’re at the southwest corner of Prairie Dog WPA, and as you drive around it, you’ll notice fenced off parking lots with access to the interior.

On the east side of the area, we find the “dog town” for which this particular WPA was named. Although all the prairie dogs disappear when we stop, when we stay still and remain in the car, they begin to pop their heads out of their burrows, and soon the air is filled with their whistling calls. Burrowing owls frequently use unoccupied prairie dog dens for their nests, and although we don’t see any owls today, we’re told they can be spotted here.

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Approximate GPS Coordinates:
40.496374 N
-99.247055 S
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Funk Lagoon

Click to EnlargeThe Funk Waterfowl Production Area (WPA) is one of the largest Waterfowl Production Areas in Nebraska. The wetland and grassland prairie ecosystem provides habitat for diverse native plants and animals.  Thousands of snow geese, white-fronted geese, Canada geese and nearly every duck species traveling north through Nebraska stop at the WPA to scavenge for leftover grain in the nearby corn fields and to rest prior to their long trip north.  The Funk Peterson Wildlife Trail, a 3-mile backcountry loop trail in the Funk WPA was designated as a National Recreation Trail in 2008.  Endangered species such as whooping cranes also utilize this WPA making the Funk Peterson Trail a unique and excellent visitor opportunity.

Along the 3 mile backcountry loop trail, you can find a scenic viewpoint, interpretive signs, a handicap accessible wildlife viewing/hunting blind, a 650 foot concrete walkway with tracks imbedded from the local wildlife, and a 150 foot boardwalk that extends into the wetland, that will allow you to get a little closer to nature. Activities include hiking, photography, hunting, and educational opportunities.

To get there, start at Funk and drive north on T road about 3 miles.  See a sign designating the Wild Life Management Area.  Turn east for approximately 1 mile and see interpretive signs and the trail map.

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Approximate GPS Coordinates:
40.486322 N
-99.124188 S
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Axtell and Mosiac

Click to EnlargeMosaic is a large charitable organization in support of people with disabilities. Its facility at Bethphage Village in Axtell includes the Miracle of the Prairie Lodge and Retreat Center, on a beautiful campus of big trees and interesting Scandinavian-influenced brick buildings.

Just north of the campus is a spot created by Mosaic for the viewing and contemplation of birds and wildlife. Called Lake Siloam, the site features a covered pavilion, wide concrete paths and a dock out over the water. It was obviously made to be easy to use by people in wheelchairs, so it’s a delightful viewing area, with open water likely to attract a variety of ducks, pelicans, grebe and other water-loving birds.

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Approximate GPS Coordinates:
40.651146 N
-98.985615 S
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Ft. Kearny State Recreation Area

Click to EnlargeFrom Mosaic, go back to Highway 6 and 34, and turn east. In a couple of miles, you’ll come to the junction where Nebraska 44 separates and turns north toward Kearney. Take 44 north. In ten miles or so, you’ll come to the intersection with Road 50A. Turn right. In about four miles, you’ll pass the state historical park, then about two or three miles beyond that, you’ll see a sign to the entrance of the Ft. Kearny SRA.

Ft. Kearny SRA is right on the Platte River, so in season it’s a prime spot for sandhill crane viewing. Although the SRA is large and features a number of camping spots, we’re here to check out the Ft. Kearny Hike-Bike trail and the old railroad bridge across the Platte allowing visitors some really special riparian viewing.

The trail leading up the bridge is wide and flat, so it’s an easy hike. It’s bordered on both sides by big deciduous trees, mostly cottonwood, making it an ideal place to spot some of the woodpeckers that make Nebraska home, such as the downy woodpecker and the hairy woodpecker. You’ll also see red-breasted and white-breasted nuthatches which are native to this part of Nebraska. We spot a black-capped chickadee and a blue jay in the trees, and then step out onto the long wooden bridge.

The bridge allows you to essentially step out into the middle of this extraordinary, ribboned river and partake of a rare observation of this kind of habitat without getting your feet wet. It offers an extraordinarily clear view in both directions, and is certainly not to be missed in migration season.

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The Birds of Central and Western Nebraska

  Spring Summer Fall Winter
  Avocet, American spring summer fall  
photo Bittern, American spring   fall  
photo Blackbird, Brewer's spring   fall  
photo Blackbird, Red-winged spring summer fall  
  Blackbird, Rusty spring   fall winter
photo Blackbird, Yellow-headed spring summer fall  
photo Bluebird, Eastern spring summer fall winter
  Bluebird, Mountain spring     winter
photo Bobolink   summer fall  
photo Bufflehead spring   fall  
photo Bunting, Indigo spring summer fall  
photo Bunting, Lark spring summer fall  
  Bunting, Painted spring      
  Bunting, Snow       winter
photo Bunting,Lazuli spring      
photo Canvasback spring   fall  
  Cardinal, Northern spring summer fall winter
  Catbird, Gray spring summer fall  
  Chat, Yellow-breasted spring summer fall  
photo Chickadee, Black-capped spring summer fall winter
photo Coot, American spring summer fall  
photo Cormorant, Double-crested spring   fall  
photo Cowbird, Brown-headed spring summer fall  
photo Crane, Sandhill spring   fall  
  Crane, Whooping spring   fall  
  Creeper, Brown spring   fall winter
  Creeper, Brown spring summer fall winter
  Crossbill, Red spring     winter
  Crossbill, White-winged spring   fall  
photo Crow, American spring summer fall winter
  Cukoo, Black-billed spring summer fall  
  Cukoo, Yellow-billed spring summer fall  
photo Curlew, Long-billed spring summer fall  
  Dickcissel spring summer fall  
  Dove, Eurasian Collared spring summer fall winter
photo Dove, Mourning spring summer fall winter
photo Dove, Rock spring summer fall winter
  Dowitcher, Long-billed spring   fall  
photo Dowitcher, Short-billed spring   fall  
  Duck, American Black spring   fall  
  Duck, Black-bellied Whistling     fall  
photo Duck, Gadwall spring summer fall  
  Duck, Garganey spring   fall  
photo Duck, Mallard spring summer fall winter
  Duck, Ring-necked spring   fall  
  Duck, Ruddy spring summer fall  
photo Duck, Wood spring summer fall  
  Dunlin spring   fall  
photo Eagle, Bald spring   fall winter
photo Eagle, Golden spring   fall winter
  Egret, Cattle spring   fall  
  Egret, Great spring   fall  
  Egret, Snowy        
photo Falcon, Peregrine spring   fall winter
  Falcon, Prairie spring   fall winter
photo Finch, House spring summer fall winter
photo Finch, Purple spring   fall winter
  Finch, Rosy       winter
photo Flicker, Northern spring summer fall winter
  Flycatcher, Alder spring      
  Flycatcher, Great Crested spring summer fall  
  Flycatcher, Least spring   fall  
  Flycatcher, Olive-sided spring   fall  
  Flycatcher, Scissor-tailed spring summer    
  Flycatcher, Willow spring summer fall  
  Flycather, Yellow-bellied spring      
  Gallinule, Purple spring      
  Gnatcatcher, Blue-gray spring   fall  
  Godwit, Hudsonian spring      
photo Godwit, Marbled spring   fall  
  Goldeneye, Barrow's spring   fall winter
photo Goldeneye, Common spring   fall winter
photo Goldfinch, American spring summer fall winter
  Goose, Brant spring   fall  
  Goose, Cackling spring      
photo Goose, Canada spring summer fall  
  Goose, Emperor spring      
  Goose, Great White Fronted spring   fall  
  Goose, Ross' spring   fall  
photo Goose, Snow spring   fall  
photo Grackle, Common spring summer fall  
  Grackle, Great-tailed spring summer    
  Grebe, Clark's spring   fall  
  Grebe, Eared spring   fall  
  Grebe, Horned spring   fall  
photo Grebe, Pied-billed spring summer fall  
photo Grebe, Western spring   fall  
  Grosbeak, Black-headed spring summer fall  
  Grosbeak, Blue spring summer fall  
photo Grosbeak, Evening       winter
  Grosbeak, Pine       winter
photo Grosbeak, Rose-breasted spring   fall  
photo Grouse, Sharp-tailed spring summer fall winter
  Gull, Bonaparte's spring   fall  
photo Gull, California spring      
photo Gull, Franklin's spring summer fall  
  Gull, Herring spring   fall winter
  Gull, Lesser Black-backed     fall  
photo Gull, Ring-billed spring   fall  
  Gull, Thayer     fall  
  Gyrfalcon       winter
  Harrier, Northern spring summer fall winter
  Hawk, Broad-winged spring      
photo Hawk, Cooper's spring summer   winter
  Hawk, Ferruginous spring   fall winter
photo Hawk, Red-tailed spring summer fall winter
photo Hawk, Rough-legged spring   fall winter
photo Hawk, Sharp-shinned spring summer fall winter
photo Hawk, Swainsons's spring summer fall  
photo Heron, black-crowned night spring   fall  
photo Heron, Great blue spring summer fall  
  Heron, Green spring   fall  
  Heron, Litttle Blue spring summer fall  
  Heron, Tri-colored spring      
  Heron, Yellow-crowned Night spring   fall  
photo Hummingbird, Broad-tailed     fall  
  Hummingbird, Ruby-throated spring summer fall  
photo Hummingbird, Rufous     fall  
  Ibis, Glossy spring   fall  
  Ibis, White spring   fall  
photo Ibis, White-faced spring   fall  
photo Jay, Blue spring summer fall winter
  Jay, Pinyon spring summer fall winter
photo Junco, Dark-eyed spring   fall winter
photo Kestrel, American spring summer fall winter
photo Killdeer spring summer fall winter
  Kingbird, Cassin's spring summer fall  
photo Kingbird, Eastern spring summer fall  
photo Kingbird, Western spring summer fall  
photo Kingfisher, Belted spring summer fall winter
  Kinglet, Golden-crowned spring   fall  
photo Kinglet, Ruby-crowned spring   fall  
  Kite, Mississippi spring summer    
  Kite, White-winged   summer    
  Kittiwake, Black-legged     fall  
photo Lark, Horned spring summer fall winter
  Least Bittern spring summer fall  
photo Lesser Scaup spring   fall  
  Longspur, Chestnut-collared spring     winter
  Longspur, Lapland     fall winter
  Longspur, McCown's spring     winter
photo Loon, Common spring summer fall  
photo Magpie, Black-billed spring summer fall winter
  Martin, Purple spring summer fall  
  Meadowlark, Eastern spring summer fall  
photo Meadowlark, Western spring summer fall winter
photo Merganser, Common spring     winter
photo Merganser, Hooded spring   fall  
  Merganser, Red-breasted spring   fall  
photo Merlin spring   fall winter
  Mockingbird, Northern spring summer fall winter
  Moorhen, Common spring   fall  
photo Nighthawk, Common spring summer fall  
  Northern Bobwhite spring summer fall winter
  Northern Goshawk spring   fall winter
  Nuthatch, Pygmy spring summer fall winter
photo Nuthatch, Red-breasted     fall winter
photo Nuthatch, White-breasted spring summer fall winter
  Oriole, Baltimore spring summer fall  
  Oriole, Bullock's spring   fall  
  Oriole, Northern   summer    
  Oriole, Orchard spring summer fall  
photo Osprey spring   fall  
  Ovenbird spring   fall  
photo Owl, Barn spring summer fall winter
  Owl, Barred spring summer fall winter
  Owl, Boreal     fall  
photo Owl, Burrowing spring summer fall  
photo Owl, Eastern screech spring summer fall winter
photo Owl, Great Horned spring summer fall winter
  Owl, Long-eared spring summer fall winter
  Owl, Northern saw-whet       winter
photo Owl, Short-eared spring summer fall winter
photo Owl, Snowy       winter
  Parula, Northern spring   fall  
photo Pelican, American white spring   fall  
photo Pewee, Eastern Wood spring summer fall  
  Pewee, Western Wood   summer    
  Phalarope, Red     fall  
  Phalarope, Red-necked spring   fall  
photo Phalarope, Wilson's spring summer fall  
photo Pheasant, Ring-necked spring summer fall winter
photo Phoebe, Eastern spring   fall  
  Phoebe, Say's   summer    
photo Pintail, Northern spring summer fall  
  Pipit, American spring   fall  
  Pipit, Sprague's spring   fall  
photo Plover, American spring   fall  
  Plover, Black-bellied spring   fall  
  Plover, Mountain spring   fall  
  Plover, Piping spring summer fall  
  Plover, Semipalmated spring   fall  
  Plover, Snowy spring   fall  
  Poorwill, Common spring   fall  
photo Prairie Chicken, Greater spring summer fall winter
  Rail, King spring summer    
  Rail, Virgina spring summer fall  
  Rail, Yellow   summer fall  
  Red Knot spring   fall  
photo Redhead spring   fall  
photo Redpoll, Common spring     winter
  Redstart, American spring summer fall  
photo Robin, American spring summer fall winter
  Ruff spring   fall  
photo Sanderling spring   fall  
  Sandpiper, Baird's spring   fall  
  Sandpiper, Buff-breasted spring      
  Sandpiper, Curlew   summer    
  Sandpiper, Least spring   fall  
  Sandpiper, Pectoral spring   fall  
photo Sandpiper, Semi-palmated spring   fall  
  Sandpiper, Solitary spring   fall  
photo Sandpiper, Spotted spring summer fall  
  Sandpiper, Stilt spring   fall  
  Sandpiper, Upland spring summer fall  
  Sandpiper, Western spring summer fall  
  Sandpiper, White-ruped spring      
photo Sapsucker, Red-breasted spring   fall  
  Sapsucker, Williamson's spring      
  Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied       winter
  Scaup, Greater spring   fall  
  Scaup, Lesser spring   fall  
  Scoter, White-winged spring   fall  
photo Shoveler, Northern spring summer fall  
photo Shrike, Loggerhead spring   fall winter
  Shrike, Northern     fall winter
photo Siskin, Pine spring summer fall winter
  Snipe, Wilson spring summer fall  
  Solitaire, Townsend's spring     winter
  Sora spring summer fall  
photo Sparrow, American Tree spring   fall winter
  Sparrow, Baird's spring   fall  
photo Sparrow, Chipping spring summer fall  
  Sparrow, Clay-colored spring   fall  
  Sparrow, Field spring summer fall  
  Sparrow, Fox spring   fall  
  Sparrow, Grasshopper spring summer fall  
  Sparrow, Harris spring   fall winter
  Sparrow, Henslow's spring summer    
photo Sparrow, House spring summer fall winter
photo Sparrow, Lark spring summer fall  
  Sparrow, LeConte's spring   fall  
  Sparrow, Lincoln's spring   fall  
  Sparrow, Nelson's Sharp-tailed spring   fall  
photo Sparrow, Song spring   fall winter
  Sparrow, Swamp spring   fall  
  Sparrow, Vester spring   fall  
photo Sparrow, White-crowned spring     winter
photo Sparrow, White-throated spring   fall  
  Spoonbill, Roseate   summer    
photo Starling, European spring summer fall winter
  Stilt, Black-necked spring summer fall  
  Swallow, Bank spring summer fall  
photo Swallow, Barn spring summer fall  
photo Swallow, Cliff spring summer fall  
  Swallow, Rough-winged spring summer fall  
  Swallow, Rough-winged   summer    
  Swallow, Tree spring summer fall  
  Swallow, Violet-green   summer    
  Swallow, Violet-green   summer fall  
photo Swan, Trumpeter spring   fall  
  Swan, Tundra spring   fall  
  Swift, Chimney spring summer fall  
  Swift, White-throated   summer    
  Tanager, Scarlet spring      
  Tanager, Summer spring summer    
photo Tanager, Western spring      
photo Teal, Blue-winged spring summer fall  
photo Teal, Cinnamon spring summer fall  
photo Teal, Green-winged spring   fall  
  Tern, Black spring summer fall  
photo Tern, Common spring      
  Tern, Forester's spring summer fall  
  Tern, Least spring   fall  
  Tern. Caspian spring   fall  
  Thrasher, Brown spring summer fall  
  Thrush, Gray-necked spring      
  Thrush, Hermit spring   fall  
photo Thrush, Swainson's spring   fall  
  Thrush, Varied     fall  
  Thrush, Wood spring summer fall  
  Titmouse, Tufted spring   fall winter
  Towhee, Spotted spring   fall  
photo Turkey, Wild spring summer fall winter
  Turnstone, Ruddy spring      
  Veery spring      
  Vireo, Bells spring summer fall  
  Vireo, Blue-headed spring      
  Vireo, Philadelphia spring   fall  
photo Vireo, Red-eyed spring summer fall  
  Vireo, Solitary   summer    
photo Vireo, Warbling spring summer fall  
  Vireo, Yellow-throated spring   fall  
  Virginia Rail   summer    
photo Vulture, Turkey   summer    
  Warbler, Bay-breasted spring      
  Warbler, Black-and-white spring      
  Warbler, Blackburnian spring   fall  
  Warbler, Blackpoll spring   fall  
  Warbler, Black-throated Blue spring      
  Warbler, Black-throated Green spring   fall  
  Warbler, Blue-winged spring      
  Warbler, Canada spring   fall  
  Warbler, Cape May spring      
  Warbler, Cerulean spring   fall  
  Warbler, Chestnust-sided spring      
  Warbler, Connecticut        
  Warbler, Golden-winged spring      
  Warbler, Hooded spring   fall  
  Warbler, Kentucky spring      
  Warbler, MacGillivray's spring      
  Warbler, Magnolia spring   fall  
  Warbler, Mourning spring summer    
  Warbler, Nashville spring   fall  
  Warbler, Orange-crowned spring   fall  
  Warbler, Palm spring   fall  
  Warbler, Pine spring      
  Warbler, Prairie spring   fall  
  Warbler, Prothonotary spring   fall  
  Warbler, Tennessee spring   fall  
photo Warbler, Wilson's spring   fall  
  Warbler, Worm-eating spring      
photo Warbler, Yellow spring summer fall  
photo Warbler, Yellow-rumped spring   fall  
  Warbler, Yellow-throated spring      
  Waterthrush, Louisiana spring   fall  
  Waterthrush, Northen spring   fall  
  Waterthrush, Northern spring   fall  
  Waxwing, Bohemian spring   fall  
photo Waxwing, Cedar spring   fall  
  Whimbrel spring   fall  
photo Wigeon, American spring summer fall  
  Willet spring   fall  
  Woodcock, American spring summer fall  
photo Woodpecker, Downy spring summer fall winter
photo Woodpecker, Hairy spring summer fall winter
  Woodpecker, Lewis'   summer    
photo Woodpecker, Red-bellied spring summer fall winter
photo Woodpecker, Red-headed spring summer fall winter
  Wren, Carolina     fall winter
  Wren, Bewick's spring      
photo Wren, House spring summer fall  
photo Wren, Marsh spring summer fall  
  Wren, Rock     fall  
  Wren, Sedge spring summer fall  
  Wren, Winter     fall winter
  Yellowlegs, Greater spring   fall  
photo Yellowlegs, Lesser spring   fall  
  Yellowthroat, Common spring summer fall  

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Sacramento–Wilcox Wildlife Management Area. Photo courtesy of Phil Soreide.
The Rainwater Basin Trail.
Nebraska Prairie Chicken. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Sandhill Crane.
Lake Seldom. Photo courtesy of Phil Soreide.
The Cozy Inn Cafe in Holdrege, NE. Photo courtesy of Phil Soreide.
The road to Sacramento–Wilcox. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Prairie dog.
Brother Jim’s Wilcox Cafe. Photo courtesy of Phil Soreide.
Snow Goose.
Mosaic’s Lake Siloam. Photo courtesy of Phil Soreide.
Ft. Kearney State Recreation Area. Photo courtesy of Phil Soreide.
Grace Elizabeth’s Bed & Breakfast in Minden, NE. Photo courtesy of Phil Soreide.
American Bittern.
Brewer's Blackbird
Red-winged Blackbird. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Yellow-headed Blackbird.
Eastern Bluebird. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Bufflehead Duck
Indigo Bunting.
Lark Bunting
Lazuli Bunting.
Black-capped Chickadee.
American Coot.
Double-crested Cormorant.
Sandhill Crane.
American Crow.
Long-billed Cerlew.
Mourning Dove. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Rock Dove.
Short-billed Dowitcher.
Gadwall Duck.
Wood Duck.
Bald Eagle. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Golden Eagle.
Peregrine Falcon.
House Finch.
Purple Finch.
Northern Flicker.
Marbled Godwit.
Common Goldeneye.
Goldfinch. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Canada Goose.
Snow Goose. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Common Grackle.
Pied-billed Grebe.
Western Grebe.
Evening Grosbeak.
Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
Sharp-tailed Grouse.
California Gull.
Franklin's Gull.
Ring-billed Gull.
Cooper's Hawk.
Red-tailed Hawk. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Rough-legged Hawk.
Sharp-shinned Hawk.
Swainsons's Hawk
Black-crowned Night Heron.
Blue Heron. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Broad-tailed Hummingbird.
Rufous Hummingbird.
White Ibis.
Blue Jay. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Dark-eyed Junco.
American Kestrel.
Killdeer. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Eastern Kingbird.
Western Kingbird.
Belted Kingfisher.
Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
Horned Lark
Lesser Scaup.
Common Loon.
Black-billed Magpie.
Western Meadowlark. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Hooded Merganser.
Red-breasted Nuthatch.
White-breasted Nuthatch.
Barn Owl.
Burrowing Owl.
Eastern Screech Owl.
Great Horned Owl.
Short-eared Owl.
Snowy Owl.
American White Pelican. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Eastern Wood Pewee.
Wilson's Phalarope. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Ring-necked Pheasant. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Eastern Phoebe.
Northern Pintail.
Greater Prairie Chicken. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
American Robin.
Semi-palmated Sandpiper.
Spotted Sandpiper.
Red-breasted Sapsucker.
Northern Shoveler.
Loggerhead Shrike
Pine Siskin.
American Tree Sparrow.
Chipping Sparrow.
House Sparrow.
Lark Sparrow.
Song Sparrow.
White-crowned Sparrow.
White-throated Sparrow.
European Starling.
Barn Swallow. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Cliff Swallow.
Trumpeter Swan.
Western Tanager.
Blue-winged Teal. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Cinnamon Teal.
Green-winged Teal.
Common Tern.
Swainson's Thrush.
Wild Turkey. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Red-eyed Vireo.
Warbling Vireo.
Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Wilson's Warbler.
Yellow Warbler.
Yellow-rumped Warbler.
Cedar Waxwing.
American Wigeon.
Downy Woodpecker.
Hairy Woodpecker.
Red-bellied Woodpecker. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
Red-headed Woodpecker. Photo courtesy of Don Brockmeier.
House Wren.
Marsh Wren.
Lesser Yellowlegs.